Technical description


Jasper Morrison


A project that reflects the creative philosophy of the designer Jasper Morrison based on the concept of super normal that, in the case of Lepic, translates into the refinement of every single detail and the essentiality of the design.

Lepic is in fact a seemingly simple and straightforward system but full of details, carefully thought combinations of different materials and endless compositional variants.
The doors come in two versions, Fenix NTM® and veneered natural oak, both with natural oak edge, that alternate to open unit spaces which create a balance between the volumes.
The black melamine with natural oak edge carcass is another element that helps highlight the refined elegance and simplicity of the kitchen.
The handles, deliberately prominent in solid natural oak or painted metal cast iron effect, perfectly combine design with functionality.
The stainless steel back panel is an additional feature that allows the kitchen to be customized, with the inclusion, on request, of variable inserts where accessories and tools can be placed.
The decor hoods are available in two sizes, 120cm and 180cm: black cast iron effect finish, recalling the colour of the carcass which can be seen in the open units, and stainless steel finish, recalling the back panel.




  • melamine


  • Fenix NTM® + natural oak
  • natural oak


Technical description

Carcass: black melamine V100, with natural oak varnished natural edges.

Doors: 22 mm thickness.

Door finishes

  • Fenix NTM® laminate in White Malè, Black Ingo or Beige Luxor colours with natural oak varni-
    shed natural edges.
  • Oak veneer varnished natural.


  • Solid natural oak varnished natural.
  • Metal varnished black, cast iron effect.

Open units: solid oak varnished natural.

Drawers inserted in open units in natural solid oak varnished natural.

Shelves for open units in black melamine, natural oak varnished natural edges.

Back panel

Stainless steel “Soft” finish with natural aluminium inserts for accommodating customized accessories.

Accessories for back panel design Jasper Morrison.

Stainless steel “Peltrox” finish.

Lepic hood design Jasper Morrison

  • Stainless steel satin finish – 120cm and 180cm.
  • Stainless steel lacquered black finish, cast iron effect – 120cm and 180cm.


Wood fiber panels, plated on both sides with Fenix NTM® laminate in White Malè, Black Ingo or Beige Luxor colours with natural oak varnished natural edges.


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